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City HR Oscars: A festive, fun and informative end to 2015

Wednesday, 9th December 2015

5:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Welcome to City HR

The City HR Association was founded in 1973 as the UK Industry Association to support and provide best HR practice to organisations whose activities are directly involved in – or underpin – the financial services sector. Since then, City HR has evolved from a first-class networking group for HR professionals to provide a range of services that support HR activities at all levels. These services include:

  • Lobbying and representation
  • HR Training and knowledge-sharing
  • Best practice development and toolkits
  • HR benchmarking
  • Collaboration on City and National HR Issues
  • Providing a discussion forum for all aspects of HR
  • Working with market experts to support the sector

The website is accessible on two levels;

  • General Information about City HR including our background, services, member application process, events, past events, photo gallery, press cuttings, and aquiring professional qualifications or training.
  • Bespoke information which is only accessible to members using their allocated password for the members directory, group message boards, HR document downloads and key projects in hand.

To find out more about how City HR can help you click here.


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